Middle East

TEC Associates has experience from both long and short-term assignments in the Middle East region. Experience has been gained particularly from Egypt but also in Bahrain, Syria and Yemen. Some details are listed below.

Syria (October 2009 - June 2010)

GTZ funded project Advisory to the Regional Water Establishment Damascus.

Responsible for the implementation of training needs assessment and development of a capacity building programme to support the establishment of a Training Directorate.

This was part of the restructuring and organisational development of the Damascus Water and Wastewater Public Utility.

Egypt (January – February 2008)

Development of a Project Implementation Manual to World Bank specifications for the World Bank/ Netherlands Cooperation funded Integrated Sewage and Sanitation Improvement Project.

Revision and finalisation of a Feasibility Study Report for the World Bank.

(February 1998 – February 2002)

Project management on a Danida-funded project providing technical and financial assistance to the Social Fund for Development (SFD).

The project's main components were:

  1. HRD & capacity building with the SFD Community Development Programme and SFD Regional Offices,
  2. training and support to 70+ Egyptian NGOs to enable them to develop, propose and manage projects based on the use of PRA and LFA for SFD funding,
  3. labour-based engineering training programme for small-scale contractors in the SFD Public Works Programme.

(January 2001 – January 2002)

Planned and implemented a training needs assessment used to prepare a staff development and training plan for the Ministry of Education as part of the Education Enhancement Programme (EEP) funded by the EU.

Advised on the procurement, implementation and follow-up of EEP training interventions.

(February 2000 – September 2001)

Prepared Training Plans as part of the Development Training Project focused on USAID's Strategic Objectives for various sectors in Egypt including; NGO capacity building, agriculture, natural resources, health, waste water, energy and telecommunications.

Responsible for all stages of the training cycle including the development of training specifications, curriculum design, training implementation, evaluation and follow-up.

(January – December 1999)

Conducted a training needs assessment of the staff of the Egypt Environmental Affairs Agency for the Danida-funded Environmental Education & Training Project.

Prepared training plans and the organized appropriate training courses using local training institutions and consultants.

Yemen (January - February 2003)

Conducted a training needs assessment of the Social Fund for Development (SFD) staff.

Developed a capacity building strategy for SFD and an associated Action Plan for implementation by the various SFD divisions as part of an EU funded capacity building project.

(November 2001 - February 2002)

Evaluation of training courses in community health for Ministry of Health staff in connection with the EU-funded Health Sector Reform Programme.

Recommended changes to meet needs of district health managers and developed guidelines for selection, testing and evaluation of candidates for training.