Eastern Europe

TEC Associates has experience in Eastern Europe. Albania, Romania and Black Sea region, support to the European Commission in Brussels and Turkey. Some details are listed below.

Romania and the Black Sea Region (April – May 2012)

Evaluation of project proposals from local government units and NGOs of all countries bordering the Black Sea as part of the cross-border cooperation Black Sea Programme financed by the European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument. Proposals were focused on three priority areas: economic development; environmental protection and conservation; cultural and educational initiatives.

Albania (October 2008 – ongoing)

Developed and supported the implementation of the social and institutional components of the KfW funded Rural Water Supply Programme in Northern Albania.

This included social feasibility studies, village selection procedures and establishing or strengthening local government institutions to enable them to manage new water supply schemes on a sustainable basis.

Romania (January 2007 – February 2008)

Designed & implemented capacity building activities for staff and trainers of the Romanian National Institute for Administration as part of the EU funded Public Administration Reform Project.

Based on training needs assessment, modular training curricula for courses for high-ranking civil servants were designed to assist with the public administration reform process.