East & South East Asia

TEC Associates has extensive experience in a variety of sectors from both long-term and short-term assignments in the South East Asia (particularly Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia) and China region. Some examples are listed below.

China (August 2009 – August 2011)

Developed and implemented the Capacity Building Component of the KfW funded Sustainable Rural Development Project providing training and extension services for ethnic minority communities in disadvantaged areas of Qinghai province, local government agencies, water user associations and project staff. The project objective is poverty alleviation through the development of participatory, sustainable water supply, animal husbandry and income generation activities.

(September - November 2008)

Lead a team of six consultants to prepare a Training & Capacity Building Programme for a rural water supply, sanitation and hygiene promotion project funded by World Bank/DFID.

Coordinated the finalisation of the mission report and other deliverables.

(May - November 2005)

Developed and initiated the Information, Training & Dissemination (ITD) component of the EU funded Natural Forest Management Project. This included training and communication strategies for capacity building with village stakeholders and forestry department staff as well as alternative employment training for retrenched State Forest Enterprise workers.

(May 2002 - March 2003)

Developed and implemented the Information, Education & Communication (IEC) and community participation components on the DFID funded Water Sector Development Project. Institutionalized a decentralised, demand responsive approach to rural water supply and sanitation within the Ministry of Water Resources. This was based on the use of Participatory Rapid Appraisal (PRA) in the project cycle, establishment of village-level Water User Groups and the implementation of public awareness campaigns.

Laos (May - June 2006)

Part of a multi-disciplinary mission funded by ADB to prepare a regional development plan for Khammouane province.

Specific responsibility for formulating the formal and non-formal education component of the strategic plan.

(April 2003 – March 2004)

Sida-funded capacity building project with the National Environmental Sanitation and Water Supply Centre of the Ministry of Health.

Developed an IEC strategy and established an IEC & Monitoring and Evaluation Unit to support the revision and implementation of the national rural water supply and sanitation sector strategy.

Cambodia (January – February 2004)

EU funded mission for the identification of a project Support to the Decentralisation and Deconcentration Process.

Responsible for assessing capacity building needs and existing training strategies and HRD plans in the context of local government and public administration reforms.

Vietnam (March 2003 - September 2004)

ADB funded poverty alleviation project in the Central Highlands.

Conducted a TNA and developed a training plan to support project implementation. Subsequently managed, monitored and evaluated the implementation of the training plan.

(January - February 1998)

Danida funded project identification mission to support the restructuring of the Ministry of Fisheries.

Advised on the possible role of HRD in the overall strengthening of the ministry and assessing existing institutional capacity building.

(October - December 1997)

UNDP funded integrated rural development project focussed on poverty reduction with ethnic minorities in northern Vietnam.

Conducted a training and education needs assessment, capacity building for school teachers and administrators and implementing pilot education programmes for ethnic minority children and adults.

(November 1996 - April 1997)

Joint Sida/World Bank funded institutional strengthening project in the Vietnamese banking sector. Provided HRD and training as trainers for selected state bank staff.

(December 1995 - July 1997)

Planned and implemented the IEC component of an AusAID funded urban water supply and sanitation project for provincial towns in northern, central and southern Vietnam.

Provided capacity building on IEC issues for national counterparts, local water supply companies and primary schools.

(June 1992 - December 1994)

European Community International Programme (ECIP) for the reintegration of the returning 'boat people' in southern Vietnam. Managed the ECIP training and extension components providing skills relevant to the local labour market in south Vietnam. This was delivered through institutions offering vocational & technical education related to trade skills, business management and foreign languages as well as training/extension services for agriculture and aquaculture.