Central & South Asia

TEC Associates has extensive regional experience from assignments, both long-term and short-term, on a variety of projects in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Kyrgyzstan. Some information is provided below.

India (October – November 2010)

Support to enhancing the institutional capabilities of the DFID funded National Council of Educational Research and Training and its state-level partners to conduct the capacity building required to improve the efficiency of programme evaluation studies and national achievement surveys.

Pakistan (October 2010 – October 2011)

EU funded Sindh Education Reform Programme to strengthen education sector management and governance, improve education access of rural children, especially girls, and improve the quality of teaching and learning. Responsible for capacity building and training activities including organising and accompanying a UK study tour for Ministry of Education officials.

Afghanistan (August 2004 – September 2005)

As part of the ADB-funded Emergency Infrastructure Repair and Rehabilitation Project - Traditional Irrigation Component, developed and managed the project’s capacity building and social development activities including:

  • Training needs assessment and training planning for decentralised river basin management with the Ministry of Water & Energy in Kabul and a Regional Department in Mazar-e-Sharef.
  • Capacity building with community based organisations and traditional leaders from communities benefiting from rehabilitated irrigation schemes.
  • Social development and community participation to ensure ADB social safeguards and resettlement guidelines were incorporated in project implementation.

(January 2004)

Evaluation of proposals submitted to the EC Delegation in Kabul by European NGOs for the Request For Proposals (RFP) Support to Afghan Refugees in Pakistan Programme. The RFP’s emphasis was on trade skills training for Afghan men and women to prepare them for a sustainable return to Afghanistan, as well as the delivery of community social services for Afghan refugees particularly for women.

(May – July 2003)

Evaluation of an EU funded consortium of five international NGOs assisting communities with returnees and internally displaced people in 15 provinces in Afghanistan. The NGOs’ activities included integrated rural development, irrigation infrastructure rehabilitation, water supply and sanitation, health and education.

A particular focus of the evaluation was the appropriateness of the consortium’s organisational arrangements and co-ordination with governmental institutions and communities.

Kyrgyzstan (October 2004 – December 2005)

Technical assistance to the Village Investment Project (VIP) funded by DFID/World Bank. This included mentoring a national HRD consultant to develop and implement an approach to the provision of capacity building and support to VIP staff, community based organisations, local government and NGOs in social mobilisation, strategic planning, good governance and micro-project preparation, implementation and management’

Pakistan (January 1990 - June 1992)

Managed the extension and awareness raising component of two GTZ/World Bank funded fuel-wood saving projects for Pakistan and Afghanistan. Developed a strategy for extension services in rural communities concerning fuel saving, deforestation and the environment, with special emphasis on the participation of women. The Pakistan project subsequently evolved into 'Kwendo Kor', the first national NGO addressing formal and non-formal education for women and girls in northern Pakistan.

Also prepared a Staff Development Policy and establishing a Training Unit, initiated a programme of in-service training for staff and mentored a national Training Coordinator to take over the management of the project’s HRD function. Subsequently documented the extension component of the project for GTZ GATE.

(March 1991 - March 1992)

Managed the training component of the USAID funded Rural Assistance Programme.

This was a capacity building project to strengthen the ability of Afghan NGOs to independently manage a variety of grant funded development programmes inside Afghanistan.

(September 1991 - February 1992)

Pre-feasibility study for a KfW funded urban water supply & sanitation project.

Advised on strategies for community health education and community participation in rural villages and small towns in NWFP with a particular focus on how to work in conservative Islamic communities to gain women's participation.

(September 1990 - March 1991)

Managed the training component of an EU funded immunization project in Afghanistan. This included a programme of Training of Trainers for immunization training for health workers and for programme management and administration training in Afghanistan.

(February - August 1990)

Feasibility study funded by GTZ to assess the available of management & administration training for Afghan refugees in Pakistan. This included an evaluation of existing opportunities and their appropriateness.

The study involved the preparation of a proposal for a capacity building project specifically designed for Afghan managers.