TEC Associates has regional experience from assignments on a variety of projects in sub-Saharan Africa including Ethiopia, Kenya, Malawi, Namibia, Nigeria, Somalia and Uganda. Some details of assignments are provided below.

Nigeria (November - December 2011)

Formulation mission for the 10th EDF Water and Sanitation Sector Reform Project. This involved producing a complete set of project formulation documents including the Action Fiche, Technical and Administrative Provisions, and an Institutional Review and Capacity Assessment of implementing partners in three State, UNICEF Nigeria and the National Authorising Office.

Kenya, Ethiopia and Somalia (January 2009 – May 2010)

Development of a communication strategy for the EU funded global Rinderpest Eradication Project of the Inter-African Bureau for Animal Resources. Initiation of communication and public awareness interventions through state, NGO and private veterinary services in Kenya, Ethiopia and Somalia including development of local language radio broadcast programming for nomadic pastoralists in the region.

Namibia (May - July 2008)

EU funded review mission - Strengthening of service delivery through enhanced social accountability and school governance - as part of the Ministry of Education sector wide approach to education through the Education & Training Sector Improvement Programme. The assignment focus was on capacity building for school boards, advocacy, public awareness raising and participation in order to strengthen school governance.

Kenya (January 2005)

Independent evaluation of the technical quality and compliance of project proposals on behalf of the EC Delegation in Nairobi.

The proposals were from international NGO consortia in response to a Request for Proposals from the EC Delegation for the implementation of the project Support to Capacity Building of Teacher Training.

Somalia (April - June 2004)

EC project identification mission for Promotion of Employment through Training to contribute to the promotion of peace and improved livelihoods for ex-combatants, returnees, women and other disadvantaged groups in Somalia.

The project focus was on identifying labour market needs and rural livelihoods, appropriate employment-oriented vocational training approaches and institutional requirements for training delivery and project management.

Uganda (November - December 1998)

Project identification mission for a community education project funded under the USAID-funded Universal Primary Education Programme with the Ministry of Education. A particular objective for the project was to build the awareness and capacity of school stakeholders and community groups, Parent/Teacher Associations, School Management Committees and Community Mobilizers to provide outreach and support to these groups.

Malawi (May 1995 - September 1997)

Development, implementation and evaluation of the Community Participation and Health Education component and related environmental protection strategies of a rural water supply and sanitation project funded by the German Development Bank (KfW). This involved designing and implementing participatory approaches to involve local communities in project planning and implementation together with district line departments.